Merry Christmas!

Christmas is always a good time to look back over the year that was.

During this last 12 months, we have written numerous blogs covering a wide range of topics which we hoped you found educational, informative and maybe a little inspiring. At this time of year, it would be amiss of us to not take the time thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement.

Christmas is also a time to remember that even though for most it is a wonderful time, for others Christmas can be a time of stress, pain, loneliness and hunger so remember to take the time to be generous of spirit and dig deep to support those less fortunate.

To all our readers, we would like to wish you a wonderful and joyous Christmas, a safe fun filled New Year and prosperous 2019.

We are taking a short break over the holidays but will be back in the third week of January 2019 for another year packed full of content for our blog.

All the very best.

Peter (PK) and Mark (Tealey)


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